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Bali – Part 2

Where do we even start? Ubud won us over with the first monkey we saw dancing across the telephone wires above our hotel lobby. As we walked around we stumble upon tiny offerings carefully placed in front of each house, constantly reminded that you’re within the unique culture of Bali. The city of Ubud is definitely different than Seminyak, and boy where we excited to be there! Here is our must do list in Ubud, Bali. There are countless ways to spend the warm afternoons, but these things you will not want to miss. 1. Monkey Forest This is a park that will delight…

Luwak Coffee Shop Owner

What gives you the most happiness in life? Before I was a baker, I made bread in Ubud and had to go everywhere for 10 years. I’m so sad because I don’t see my son grow up. Now I stay at home and make this business to see my son, this makes me so happy. His son is now 22 and owns this own shop adjacent to his. They ride motorbikes together to work every morning. For more details see our Bali – Part 1 post.

Bali – Part 1

Bali…why did we ever leave? We were drawn in by the allure of beaches and sunbathing and left with stories of adventure and culture. If you are going to take one trip this year, make it to Bali. David and I divided our time between two areas – Seminyak and Ubud. They were both amazing and filled with a variety of options to satisfy any travelers desires. Seminyak Resorts The resorts are amazing and come at a small price tag. There are great options starting at only $30 USD per night – think gorgeous pool with swim up bar and breakfast…