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Bedouin Boy

“These camels are my pets, I love them” (while scratching the larger ones chin) While traveling the world we are constantly trying to find animal experiences where the animals are be treated with kindness. We did research in Jordan and were lucky enough to find a boy who lived in the desert who owned two camels. While we rode, this 12 year old told us about all about his two pets and how he felt very connected to them. We noticed too that instead of using force to get them to move he made whistling sounds. Wandering the empty dessert,…

Australian Yogi

I strive not to live, but to adventure. I am most alive when I am outside of my thoughts and aware of my surroundings, it might be a moment as thrilling as a sky dive, a sun rise, or just as simple as finding a moment in the busy day too stop, look around and just appreciate where I am. Catching every moment, is the everyday adventure that is my passion. – Todd Robertson (his company)

Hiroshima Survivor

I believe the world opinion will lead to the abolition of nuclear weapons. Every person should come here and know what happened here. Without knowing the event here it’s impossible to make effort to abolish nuclear weapons. – Mito Kosei, Hiroshima, Japan (his website)

Luwak Coffee Shop Owner

What gives you the most happiness in life? Before I was a baker, I made bread in Ubud and had to go everywhere for 10 years. I’m so sad because I don’t see my son grow up. Now I stay at home and make this business to see my son, this makes me so happy. His son is now 22 and owns this own shop adjacent to his. They ride motorbikes together to work every morning. For more details see our Bali – Part 1 post.

Monk Chat

Buddhist Monk, Thailand When in your life did you feel most alive? Everyday, trying to beย a good Monk, and helping people as I can. Mostly we (monks) give ideas. When we can give some idea to a person they can keep it, and adapt it to themselves with purpose. You donโ€™t have to become a part of buddhism to do this, but listen first to the idea, to then solve with purpose. And sharing compassion. Nowadays people try to fight back. We are actually hurting ourselves. If we cannot have loving compassion towards humans, everything in the world disappears. The…

Diver Will

Scuba Instructor, Thailand When in your life did you feel most alive? New Year’s Day three years ago I got so close I could probably ride it. I got within a meter of it and I thought this is my moment. I watched and swam with it for 15 minutes. I was blown away. I have seen quite a few manta rays, and know I am quite lucky. The earth is 70% ocean and 30% land, and in all of that blue and that manta ray chose you. He came to see you that day, so you’re really blessed by…