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Hiroshima Survivor

I believe the world opinion will lead to the abolition of nuclear weapons. Every person should come here and know what happened here. Without knowing the event here it’s impossible to make effort to abolish nuclear weapons. – Mito Kosei, Hiroshima, Japan (his website)

Japan by Bullet Train

Sitting in a plush seat while shooting at 200 miles per hour across beautiful countryside, Japan is truly an impressive place! After spending a few weeks in Tokyo we knew that many other great places in this country needed to be explored. We bought ourselves rail-passes (more info on these at the bottom of this post) and compiled our list of things we wanted to hit! Japan takes great pride in their Shinkansen trains. They were the 1st country to build dedicated rails for high-speed trains and introduced them in 1964 for the Tokyo Olympics. They were a marvel far…

Tokyo – 13 Tips

With bright lights, teens in unique clothing, and food options galore – Tokyo sets itself proudly apart from the pack. There are endless ways to spend your time in this city, if you have a few days or a few weeks you will never cease to be amazed by the vibrancy that makes up these streets. We spent two weeks in Tokyo and only scratched the surface of understanding the culture and uniqueness of this place. David and I want to highlight our top experiences and culinary treats. Here are our 13 must do in Tokyo: 1. Tokyo Station This place has…