20 Tips for International Travel

These past four months have been amazing, challenging, lonely, exhilarating, and so much more! Pulling ourselves out of our weekly (very scheduled) routine was refreshing and scary. I wanted to be prepared and packed for any situation. We have done well rolling with the punches but I would have loved aย condensed list of quick tips for traveling internationally. So here’s our simple tips that will help you be stress free and off enjoying your trip:

1. Bring less stuff with you – 1/2 of what you think you will need

2. Text family or friends flight info

3. Unlock your phone for SIM card

4. Call or email your bank with your travel plans

5. Carry at least $100 USD on you

6. Exchange currency for where you are headed before arriving – in case the ATM is on the fritz

7. Use a travel credit card for all you bookings – rack up those points

8. Have a backup credit card (+1 debit card for ATM withdraws)

9. Carry your passport – always

10. Download a currency converter app

11. Download the Google Translate app

12. Use google maps for subways – can see transfers and exits

13. Stay in Airbnbs – save money byย making your own food and doing laundry

14. Use booking.com for hotels – no hidden costs and often free cancellation without a hold on your credit card

15. Be flexible with days and times for flights – check surrounding cities to find the best deals

16. Save money by eating your big meal at lunch

17. Have an โ€œescapeโ€ – book, journal, coffee, game on your phone

18. Look for a free walking tour – great way to get orientated

19. Carry tissues and hand sanitizer

20. Use libraries for free wifi and a clean bathrooms

We have loved seeing our friends (old and new) enjoy places that we’ve recommended! We hope that you will continue to explore either in your own neighborhood or a world away.

Wonder, stretch yourself, and enjoy the journey!