Trip Tips – Safe Traveling

Safety is always a top priority when you are exploring new places. Finding your grounding may feel tougher than you expected so it’s aways good to be prepared. Here are a few tips we live by to feel in control while we’re venturing out for a day trip or doing a week long tour.

  • Carry less with you. Here’s what we carry on a typical day: one credit card, cash for the day, phone, charger for phone, and a camera.
  • Leave your passport in the safe at your hotel (unless you’ll be booking a car or purchasing a SIM card).
  • Keep valuables in the same place in your pack.
  • Stow cash and credit cards in two different places/pockets
  • Carry just the cash needed for that day of touring.
  • Place valuables in a zip pocket (not located on the outside of your pack).
  • Keep your wallet in a your front pocket of your pants or even better a zip pocket in your bag.
  • When you set down a bag make sure it is attached in some way (ex: leg through a strap, carabiner clipped to chair)

  • Keep an eye on your travel buddy. Stay close to each other in crowded areas. In markets we usually have the one with the backpack in front so the person behind can see it.
  • Anyone approaching you on the street does not have your best interest at heart – be kind, keep your distance, and say no thank you.
  • Be vigilant with cash transactions, “I am handing you a 50, do you have change?” Saying the note value out-loud lets them know you’re paying attention.
  • Carry small bills for small transactions.
  • Take one last glance before leaving a place. Ensure a phone or wallet didn’t slip out while in a cab.

  • Have a business card from the place you are staying, just in case your phone dies. If you are in a country where you do not speak the language have the hotel receptionist write down the address so a cab driver can bring you back home.
  • Get a SIM card (our post on this).
  • Before booking your flight check out: – this site will keep you up to date on safely information as well as visa and entry/exit requirements.
  • Leave a copy of all travel documents and credit card information with family back home (passport, medical card, credit cards and travel itinerary).