Diver Will

Scuba Instructor, Thailand

When in your life did you feel most alive?
New Year’s Day three years ago I got so close I could probably ride it. I got within a meter of it and I thought this is my moment. I watched and swam with it for 15 minutes. I was blown away.

I have seen quite a few manta rays, and know I am quite lucky.

The earth is 70% ocean and 30% land, and in all of that blue and that manta ray chose you. He came to see you that day, so you’re really blessed by it.

You can interact with manta rays underwater, have eye contact, and they role around you. You think he is going to hit you and then they go straight over your head, circle you and then come back. It shakes you up a bit, when you can feel the water gushing. They are peaceful and so is experience. They will play with you for 15 minutes and then off they go.

You may not see another one for a year or two. Yeah, thatโ€™s cool.