Food Journey – Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a culinary delight! Great tastes from around the world meet world class experiences and some amazing Instagram opportunities! David and I were committed to making up for any missed meals from our unsettled stomachs earlier in Thailand. Hitting over 20 spots in Bangkok, we have narrowed it down to our favorites. Trust us you will want to be on the next plane over!

1. High tea


The Mandarin Oriental not only has a huge selections of teas to choose from they, but they also have three settings. Whether you are looking for a traditional high tea, Eastern fare, or a vegetarian option, they have you covered. Make reservation and ask for a seat with a view. Afterwards, explore the hotel and jump on their quaint hotel ferry to a water taxi station that can take you to the Palace.

Honorable high tea mention – The House of Sathorn at The W Hotel. Amazing courtyard and a high tea serving that is filled with more sweet then savory.

2. Roof top bars


There are several to choose from, we went to Octave at The Marriot Sukhumvit. Don’t be shy to go up if it is raining, watching a thunderstorm roll from under an awning is amazing! Drinks are a bit more costly but the view is worth it! Try the mango sticky rice cocktail or Thai mojito.

3. Cheese tart


There are several places you can buy them, and trust me, we tried as many as we could! The best tart in town is found at Bake. A stand in the basement of EmQuartier sells these little pieces of heaven and makes them right on site. Straight from the oven to your mouth, simply amazing!

Tip – Walk around this food court, they have small highlights from some of the best restaurants in Asia.

4. Themed cafes

Who doesn’t love coffee with a puppy or enjoying a dessert while dressing up as a unicorn? Take some time to kick back and relax at these outrageous cafes!


Hello Kitty House Cafe

A must if you are a huge fan of her work, like I am! The cafe is themed to the max and is pink, pink, pink! I enjoyed a pink milk tea while shopping at the small retail store. Great place to have a small lunch or a simple cup of tea. Surprisingly (to me) no line here.



Dog In Town Cafe

This cafe is a bit tricky to find, go while it is light so you can wander a bit if you can’t find it. There are several dog cafes in Bangkok but I loved this one for a few reasons. The dogs can roam wherever they’d like in the cafe, allowing them to cuddle up next to you while you enjoy your latte. These dogs specifically are really chill. They are used to being around people and the other dogs at the cafe, so they are extremely approachable and welcome attention! The drinks were great, save your appetite though, food was not much to talk about.



Unicorn Cafe

I heard about this magical land on Facebook, and was dying to go! With outfits to wear, toys to play with, and floor to ceiling unicorn wall paper, what’s not to love? David and I were digging the over the top vibe and started throwing on costumes and laughing immediately. The cafe has only six tables and the patrons tend to chill a bit longer to make sure each selfie is perfectly posed. Order your treats while you wait, magic unicorn food takes awhile to prepare. Enjoy tea and a dessert here, you will not be disappointed!

5. Pho


PHO’ty Nine has my heart! This was my favorite meal in Bangkok for its tasty beef pho and free ice-cream bar at the end of the meal! The ambiance is amazing with large wooden windows frames on one side and garden views opposing. The charm is almost as great as the food! The garden is just as quaint with additional seating for larger groups.

Tip – This road houses an array of great dinning options and is a good place to go if you can’t decide what type of food you feel like.

6. Thai


For delicious Thai food, not found on the street, head to Apinara. Located in Central World Mall (largest mall in Bangkok, 6th in the world), this restaurant boasts an array of classic dishes, each one filled with more flavor then the one before. Go hungry and order family style to try several dishes. Our top picks; Tom Klhong Mhoo Deng (Spicy Soup), Pork Satay with peanut sauce, Mhoo Yarng (Grill Pork), Fried chicken wings, Som Tum (Papaya Spicy Salad).

Apinara is also known for their home brewed ya dong. Similar to whiskey in flavor, these shots are said to have healing powers from helping with weak joints to offering a testosterone boost. Enjoy sparingly as they have a nice kick.

Note about street food:
David and I have eaten our fair share of Thai food on the street, delicious! In Bangkok we ate primarily at restaurants, but street food is available. Typically you will find an array of options at markets in Bangkok (shown in photo).