Korean Beauty Products

I could write a book about my love for Korean beauty products. The stores are enticing with their colorful packaging, great promotions, and products that promise to tighten pores and take back damage left from the sun. I tried several products and made a list of my new must have items.

korea beauty products ajourneylife

Kelsey’s Favorite:

Missha foot doctor 30 minute peeling mask

Korea foot mask ajourneylife

This product is AMAZING! Packaged like a face mask with two loose bags for your feet inside. Slip them in the gooey mixture and prop them up after you have ensured the contents have covered your feet. Rinse your feet and wait…for three days…seriously! Your feet will began to peal (alot). At first I thought something may be wrong, nay it is the product working its magic! After the two day pealing cycle you will feel like you just received the best pedicure of your life.

Black head liquid strips

korea pore mask ajourneylife

You can find several options at my favorite beauty store Olive Young. Back home I always used the black head paper strips that don’t work well. Well ladies and gentleman here is your black head solution. You will find it in a small bottle, at a variety of price points (I recommend going for the cheapest). Cover your pores with the peel (avoid getting too close to eyes and mouth- sucks to pull that off). After 15 minutes the solution will harden on your face and attaching to your pores. Pull it off and be amazed at the results!

Zit stickers

Korea zit stickers ajourneylife

Walking in and out of several beauty stores I noticed many sales clerks having small clear circles dotting their faces. I soon learned their secret to perfectly clear skin – zit stickers. Again there are several brand options (I always opt for the cheapest). These little slices of heaven are perfect for those zits you feel coming in a day or two before they arrive to the surface. I have not felt inclined to wear them in public but they are the perfect accessory to my pajamas.

Hair Mask

Korea hair mask ajourneylife

I am a sucker for great advertising. The Face Shop is currently doing a collaboration with Disney and has several beauty products fit for any princess. I splurged on a Rapunzel hair mask because who doesn’t want those shiny blond locks. This mask is a perfect addition to any bath. Shampoo your hair then place it in a large bag and let the conditioner soak in for 15 minutes before rinsing. My hair felt nice and moisturized.

Canmake Cream Cheek

Korea blush ajourneylife

This is the best blush I have ever used! For five dollars a shade I was tempted to sell them out of my favorite color…cherry. This is the product that j.crew’s make up artist uses to give the perfect rose-y cheek. Apply once and enjoy all day.

Heated eye mask

Korea eye mask ajourneylife

I loved the heated eye mask I found at Etude House. This store will draw you in with its pink (almost gingerbread looking) home. This product is my secret weapon for falling asleep on long flights and eliminating puffy eyes left from only getting a short amount of sleep.

SK-II facial cleanser

Korea face cleanser ajourneylife

This is a Japanese product, but you can definitely find it in South Korea. This item has saved me from my monthly trips to the estigistion while traveling. This cleaner will gently remove debris (dead skin) from your face with a gentle circular motion. I only use it once a week, but it always leaves my face feeling soft and really clean.

There are a multitude of stores where you can purchase face masks and other must try items. If you are looking for a one stop shop I recommend Olive Young. With a large variety of options and often some of the best prices in Seoul, I never passed one without stepping in.