Monkey Hill – Phuket, Thailand

Whether you’re looking for a good hike or just a way to make new (furry) friends, Khao To Sae (Monkey Hill) is worth a visit. The drive up is gorgeous…shaded by mini pergolas with intertwined vines that have, over the years, wrapped themselves between each wooden plank. Many dogs have traveled miles up to this place probably to enjoy a little rest from the intense Thai sun. The drive (or hike) is a steep 4 mile climb ending in an amazing view overlooking Phuket Town. This alone is worth the trek…but it gets better!

At the top of the to-do list for most Thai travelers is spending time with unique animals. There are multiple ways to meet a variety of these unlikely friends. With a little extra research we were able to find Monkey Hill.

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you begin seeing little faces peering through your vehicle’s window!

Monkey Hill 2

When we saw our first monkey, David and I carefully opened the car doors and cautiously stepped out.

Monkey Hill 3

Alpha males were the first to greet us. Before long moms carrying babies and small monkeys still learning the rules of the troop also began walking towards us.

Monkey Hill 4

There we were, monkeys and humans, just observing each other. We were equally curious about the other.

Monkey Hill 5

Before long our new monkey friends were sitting down right next to us!

Monkey Hill 6

Other tourists also joined and their treats caught the monkey’s attention and they started swarming the tourist’s scooters in search of additional scrap.

Monkey Hill is a spot you won’t want to miss! Bring your camera and enjoy the view with a furry friend or two!