So you want to travel for a year? 23 things to do pre-takeoff!

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!”-Dr.Seuss

This is enough to make me want to jet set around the world! But before you take this big leap here is a to-do list that will help set you up for a fantastic year ahead.

3 months out

Budgeting/saving money…the earlier the better!

Itinerary…we decided to wing it. If this is not your cup of tea, consider an around the world ticket.

Visit the doctor…be up to date on ALL appointments just in case you need to call in a prescription or get extra contacts after losing your luggage. You’ll want your doctors to have recent records.

Visit a travel doctor…go to a specialist. They will give you travel tips, “just in case” medicine, and items to consider before traveling to certain areas.

Check the expiration date…look at your passport and driver’s license. These are items you don’t want to expire while you are overseas.

Subletting your apartment…a great way to have your lease (or mortgage) covered while you are away.

Find a loving home for your furry friends

Look to see what countries require visas and plan accordingly

Get organized…go through your house and donate what you haven’t used in awhile, toss what you no longer need, and store personal items in a storage unit.

1 month out

Insurance…our renters insurance covers us while we are traveling. Be clear with them on the larger items you are taking.

Health care coverage…there are a lot of options our there! We went simple and decided to keep with the health care provider that we currently are using. They offer coverage at urgent care facilities. I don’t plan to go to the doctor in India for an annual check-up, so we felt comfortable with this. If you are considering travelers health insurance use this site to compare some of the top options.

Cellphone…look into your options. T-mobile has one of the best international plans but it doesn’t have coverage in all areas. We are purchasing a SIM card in each country which is definitely worth it if you will be there over a week.
**Consider lowering your current plan to minimal data. We found that Verizon is willing to suspend your contract for up to 6 months…great way to save money!

Car…we have our car stored at our parent’s house. Consider loaning it to a friend or storing it. If the car will not be used while you are away take it off insurance and fill out an affidavit of non-use. This will save you a hassle if your registration expires while you are away.

Medication…purchase the medication you need for the year. Call your insurance provider to see how they can assist you.

Setup Venmo with friends and family. We have items that will be shipped to us half way through our trip. It’s an easy way to reimburse friends.

Setup automatic bill pay.

Packing list…think about all your gear you’ll need for climate change and various activities.

Find a storage unit…for the items you couldn’t separate with. We rented our apartment furnished. This saved a lot of hauling and you may be able to increase rent or convince potential renters.

1 week out

Cancel all monthly memberships…easy way to save money. Consider letting go of you Amazon Prime membership, Hulu, gym, and food boxes.

Redirecting your mail…have it sent to a friend or family member who will open it, take a picture and message it to you. This is a great way to keep an eye on personal mail.

Credit Card…consider a credit card where you will receive additional points for traveling costs. We opted for the Venture card where you get two points per dollar and no fees internationally.

Bank…let your local bank know you will be away. We are using our debit card for ATM withdraws.

Travel documents…make copies of credit cards, passports, shot records, drivers licenses. We left these with family back home.

“You have brains in your head you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” – Dr.Seuss